We are well aware of our corporate responsibilities as a business and the impact that we have on the communities in which we operate. Acting responsibly, giving back and helping our local communities, is very much at the heart of our operations.

To support our Corporate Social Responsibility strategy, ConnectUW is proud to be a member of the Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation (IICF) and our Chief Executive Officer, Jamil Bahou is a member of the IICF Executive Board. We are involved both at a strategic level, providing guidance and support and at the ground level, supporting IICF events, volunteering and fundraising for the charities and social enterprises the IICF provides grants to.

The Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation (IICF) UK improves the lives of vulnerable and disadvantaged people by working together as an industry in grant giving, volunteering and leadership. By doing so, IICF creates new ways for employees to network, grow as leaders and make a difference. Likewise, it enables companies to access diverse talent, amplify their impact and enhance their reputation. In just three years, IICF UK has helped over 1,300 people in communities nationwide through grants to charities advancing social mobility.

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