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Underwriting in the Covid-19 Era, and the Connect Marketplace Advantage

It’s amazing how 2020, a year many will wish to forget, has flown by. In several short months, the world has changed almost beyond recognition. As the Covid-19 Tsunami begins to gradually fade, despite Europe and other parts of the […]

Shortening the Underwriting Chain & Building Distribution Partnerships

The cost of doing business is an existential threat facing our market. It’s now or never, and we as a market must find ways to optimize our distribution chains, streamline our processes where possible, and shorten the chain between ourselves […]

The ConnectUW QR Difference

As the Lloyd’s and London market transitions into the digital era, there has been much debate surrounding electronic document security as both underwriters and brokers come to grips with the new standards for electronic trading. At Connect Underwriting, we made […]

Connect Underwriting C2RM: The difference we make to our customers’​ customers!

Many insurance businesses have already established that if they haven’t embraced digital, their relevance in the insurance world is fading. Whether it’s electronic trading standards, IOT & Analytics, or online insurance distribution, the London and indeed the global market is […]

With Connect Marketplace Live Trade: Distribution Starts at the Core

With so many new startup (re)insurtech entrepreneurs bringing new platforms to the market, without doubt it is a monumental task for carriers to plug into, let alone centralize and keep track of multiple virtual distribution channels. Ignoring the challenge will […]

(Re)insurance in 2020: Our focus should be on Re-intermediation and NOT De-intermediation

Entering 2020, I think it is fair to say that we are now officially in a hardening market. With capacity and/or pricing significantly tightening, pressure on reducing acquisition costs will continue to rise. As we slim down, the market will […]